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Welcome to Connection Collective Co.

Jessica here, owner and founder of Connection Collective Co.

Are you here because you want to connect with real customers on social media without feeling gross or diluting your brand?  To actually make money from all of that marketing you do on Instagram without any of the fakeness? To connect with the people who are looking for you?

By building a custom marketing strategy that turns likes and followers into engagement and engagement into sales, you and I can do all of that.

I am on a mission to create millions of dollars in sales for small businesses like yours. Imagine a world where you are reaching all of the people who need and want what you sell, without wasting your time and money. I’m here to reach those people for you.

The Connection Collective came from a moment. It was stronger than a moment, it was a calling, a need, an internal drive to help connect you with your community and to connect your community to you! I use the latest algorithm knowledge and guaranteed strategies to increase engagement, to share your story and build a true relationship between you and your followers without ANY fakeness.

Here at The Connection Collective, I bring personalized strategies for your business. I know that you all bring something special to this world and I believe that’s why more customers need to find you.

Curious about working together? See if you qualify. Click the button below and take my short survey.