7 micro-actions for Instagram Mastery


1. Spend 20 minutes a day commenting authentically on other people’s posts, then get back to scrolling.

2. Review your bio and make sure it says what you actually do.

3. Sign up and explore one of the following: Later, Preview, Buffer or Planoly.

4. Research related hashtags in the IG search feature. Add a new hashtag to your next post.

5. Set up your phone for a test shoot of your first IGTV video. Test your lighting, audio and where the heck your eyes should be looking.

6. Mute anyone who you notice comparing yourself to. “I should be doing that” “They are so much better at this than I am.” “I’ll never be as good as that.”

7. Upload new highlight covers without posting them in your story. Step-by-Step Instructions here!