Go, Yell it on the Mountain: How to Not Make Meaningful Connections


You’ve got an important message to share.

You know it’s going to help so many people to know what you know.

This is your life’s mission.

So you trek to the top of the highest mountain and yell for all to hear. You start yelling and it lands in the abyss or worse, in someone’s email trashbin.

It can make you feel dejected. It can have you questioning everything. Have you ever said to yourself,

“Maybe I was wrong about my Insert Your Important Message Here?”

It can make you feel that you were really wrong about your life’s mission.

I know because I’ve been there.


Although yelling from the mountaintop seems like the easiest way to get the word out there, it’s not. Did you talk to any other hikers that you passed along the way? Did you tell them about your important message? Or were you too busy trying to get to the top that you forgot about talking to people, talking to A person.

Talk to everyone you know, Not only the people you think need to hear what you are saying, talk to everyone. Be respectful of their time and attention. Listen to them too and hear what they want to share.. Ask them, “Is there anything that I can do to help you with that?”

The path that seems the easiest does not mean its the path of least resistance. Don’t go yell it from the mountain, chat with the hikers already on the path. While you’re at it, take in those breathtaking views and suck in that fresh air.

There’s nothing like mountain air.

Jessica HamiltonComment