If You Don't Read This Instagram Blackout Roundup, You'll Hate Yourself Later

We were without Instagram for less than a day and yet the impact on our lives was massive.

Your parents, if they even knew it was happening, probably made some passive aggressive comment about how you are too dependent on social media. I like to think that we are just REALLY connected. Yesterday proves that we are actually highly adaptable.

Next time someone tells you that Millennials are lazy, please remind them of March 13, 2019 and how resilient and ingenious we are in the face of real hardship. We came, we survived and we conquered and when the power was turned back on, people came with that hot fire!

Since you got everything on your to-do list done yesterday, you’ve probably got some time to fill. Here’s another Instagram Blackout Roundup for you!

1. From @girlboss

3. From @thalakes


Which one best sums up your feels on #instagramblackout2019?

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