The 12 Days of Giftmas

We’ve got gifts for everyone on your list this year! Featuring local, Toronto businesses with unique presents that you won’t find at any other shop. If you’re really into finding the best gifts this year, we present you with our 2018 Christmas Gift Guide, The 12 Days of Giftmas.

For the High-vibe folks

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me….

A Trip to the Sea


This is one piece of a fully customizable set of twelve hard enamel charms that creates the The Tessera Oracle, a new way to use divination. The Tessera Oracle and its charms are something special, tactile, and precious. Created to be very simple and easy to learn so that more people would experience connection to their intuition and its power in everyday life.

The sea charm is all about your journey inside inside your heart or out in the world. Grab this as part of a single charm, or check out the build-your-own oracle and choose from 3, 6, 9 or full 12-piece oracles.

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Find out more about The Tessera Oracle here.

For the world traveller

On the second day of Christmas, my best friend gave to me…

2 Brave Bettys in a Pear Tree


Brave Betty is a one-of-a-kind bra with a secret security pocket! Keep your passport and valuables safe when you don’t need immediate access to them. For example, when travelling via train or bus. Staying in hostels, guest houses or when hanging out with new found friends. 

Shipping is $7.95 or free when you spend over $100 before tax. Shipping and Processing typically take 3-6 business days within Canada.

Find out more about Brave Betty here.

For the disney lover

On the third day of Christmas, my Secret Santa gave to me…

3 Enchanted Roses


Give this beauty to your IRL Belle. These phone cases are made with real dried and pressed flowers in the clear and high-quality crystal clear plastic case. A great gift idea for your loved ones who uses the hashtag #alltheprettythings in every photo they post and also drops their phone frequently, so…all of us?

Shipping is $10. Shipping and Processing takes 13- 18 days within Canada.

Find out more about The Little Garden here.

For the Budding Artist

On the fourth day of Christmas, my sister gave to me….

4 Bead Necklaces


A truly one-of-a-kind piece for a one-of-a-kind person. Each piece is handcrafted so there are no two necklaces exactly the same. These are created and glazed by hand, and the patterns are painted with gold lustre. Because each bead is unique, you will receive a necklace similar but not exact to the one in this photo and the length can be changed upon request.

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Find out more about Shayna Stevenson here.

For your friend that always stays home on a Friday night 

On the fifth day of Christmas, my neighbour gave to me…

5 For the Love of Gold Candles

$30.00, Also available in 3-pack, $79.00

For the Love of Gold Candles are the smell of Christmas morning. This fragrance is filled with warming notes of sun-filled citrus and soft vanilla

Above all, 100 Years of Love believe in the power of love (*blasts Celine Dion). Give it freely, and the universe returns it. Love, kindness, diversity, and positivity are words to live by. You help share this message of love through every luxury soy candle crafted with 100% cotton wicks. 100 Years of Love are a small batch production company where every candle is hand poured and labeled in their Toronto studio with love, using the finest fragrances to fill your space.

Free shipping on orders over $100. Shipping and Processing takes 8-13 days within Canada.

Find out more about 100 Years of Love here.

For the ‘Toronto vs. Everyone’ crew

On the sixth day of Christmas, my crew gave to me…

6ix Cityscapes-a-hanging

Custom Pricing

For the person who has everything, you can be sure they don’t have this. Thread and Bark will only be accepting a couple more custom orders for Christmas so be sure to get on this one-of-a-kind gift ASAP. This piece is a showstopper for your office, home, or studio. You can feel the energy of the city popping right out of these custom pieces.

Cityscapes aren’t the only custom pieces they can create either.

Find out more about Thread and Bark’s creations here.

For the Beauty QUeen

On the seventh day of Christmas, Mrs. Claus gave to me…

7 Glowing Faces

$160.00, Reg. $175.00

For the beauty lover who is always looking for the latest for her skin. Clean Kiss Organics doesn't believe in anti-aging, they believe in pro-aging with naturally healthy, glowing skin. The six-piece gift set contains: Youthful Kisses Anti-Aging Day Cream, Kiss Me Goodnight Replenishing Avocado Night Cream, Keep Calm & Kiss Me Facial Tonic, Kiss Me You Fool Anti-Aging Facial Serum, Kiss Me Clean Facial Cleansing Oil, and a Cosmetic Travel Bag.

Shipping is free on orders over $75. Shipping and Processing takes 8-12 days within Canada. They’ll gift-wrap it for you too for $5!

Find out more about Clean Kiss Organics here.

For the Green Thumb

On the eighth day of Christmas, my famjam gave to me…

8 Plants-a-holding


So you know someone who is a greenthumb AND also lives in a 600 square foot downtown condo. Their floor space, counterspace, shelfspace is lim-it-ed. That shouldn’t stop them from filling their space with all kinds of plants and flowers. Knot and Pearl Co. bring a modern twist on a timeless macrame plant holder, making plant ownership accessible for everyone no matter the size of your living space.

Shipping is $19.00. Shipping and Processing takes 1-2 weeks within Canada.

Find more from Knot and Pearl Co. here.

For the Givers who love Gifts that keep on giving

On the ninth day of Christmas, my co-worker gave to me…

9 reminders that You Are Necessary



This is the first ever 'I am Necessary' crew neck. Happie’s story is incredibly inspiring and each of the crew neck sweaters feel like a piece of that inspiration is woven right into them. If that isn’t enough, 10% of each purchase goes towards the tremendous work of The Rainbow Railroad in support of the LGBTQ community around the world.

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Find out more about Happie Micha and the I am Necessary movement here.

For the Ultimate Cat Lover

On the tenth day of Christmas, my cat gave to me…

10 More Cats


To say thank you for that lovely gift your cat snagged for you, why don’t you also pick up some festive gingerbread catnip toys or an Oh My Cat ornament to commemorate your special cat lady status. Oh My Cat has all things cat, and my eyes are so full of hearts I could barely continue writing.

Shipping is $9 on orders over $50. Shipping and Processing takes 2-6 days within Canada.

Find out more about Oh My Cat here.

For Every Human

On the eleventh day of Christmas, I gave this to myself…

11 Important Reminders


Cozy up and give yourself a kind reminder and show the world you are celebrating yourself this season in this warm and comfy hoodie. This hoodie was created as a reminder that we are enough just as we are. Sometimes we struggle with the concept of being enough. It takes courage and willingness to be in the fear, to move past it, to know that you are enough. Wearing this shirt on the outside will slowly work its way to the inside.

CreateBeing has their very own holiday lookbook. CreateBeing is a community that is driven by self-development, creative expression and mental health. One of the ways they do this is through their custom design service. They visually interpret mental health stories to acknowledge people’s journeys. Above all, they are committed to reinvesting 20% of their proceeds back into local mental health organizations and ending mental health stigma.

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Find out more about CreateBeing here.

For the Globe-Trotter who’s laid down roots

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my partner gave to me…

12 Nights of Netflix


Cuddled up under this blanket, you won’t want to go anywhere. This traditional wool blanket, or chamarra, is quintessential in the chilly, highland town of Momostenango, Guatemala. These beauties keep the locals warm through the cold months, and it is sure to keep you cozy at home.  The Chamarras are woven on the foot loom by the Alvarado family, using local, hand-carded wool and they are individually brushed to ensure the softest of textures.  Your purchase helps preserve millennial craft traditions, provides economic empowerment to artisans, and contributes to social programs for artisan communities.

Kala Collective has its very own holiday guide which is bea-ut-if-ul. They design premium contemporary home goods in partnership with global artisans. Their home accessories fuse modern style with timeless techniques and are handcrafted using only natural, high-quality materials. Above all, they are committed to reinvesting 10% of proceeds back into the artisans' communities.

Shipping is free on orders over $150. Shipping and Processing takes 2-7 business days within Canada. They’ll gift-wrap it for you too for $10!

Find out more about Kala Collective here.

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